Regional Prevention Center Model

Role of Regional Prevention Centers

The Alliance for Wisconsin Youth (AWY) initiated the development of Regional Prevention Centers in July 2007. These Regional Prevention Centers provide an organizational structure to assist local AWY Coalitions to accomplish mutual prevention priorities and projects.

Regional Prevention Centers provide input, member sharing, training, information dissemination, funding and scholarship opportunities, and technical assistance on how to best improve statewide capacity for the delivery of evidence-based substance abuse prevention services among local Alliance for Wisconsin Youth (AWY) Coalitions. The AWY Regional Prevention Centers work with the network of over 100 community coalitions to ensure  all of our state’s youth and young adults grow up to become positive, nurturing and productive citizens free from alcohol and other drug abuse.  AWY Regional Prevention Centers provide support to member organizations through member sharing, technical assistance, training, information dissemination and direct funding.

Steering Committee

Regional Steering Committee meetings between the AWY Regional Prevention Centers and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services are designed to allow Regional Prevention Centers to provide input to the state based on the needs of AWY Coalitions within each region. These meetings also provide an avenue to discuss strategies for the coordination of activities and services provided by Regional Prevention Centers. The goal is to avoid duplication in prevention systems and to ensure that Regional Prevention Centers are aligned in their approach and messages to local member coalitions.