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Qualifications for Alliance Membership

•The local coalition has members from at least five (5) different community sectors (see application form for list of possible sectors) working together.

•The local coalition works together towards common substance abuse prevention. Note: Single-agency Boards of Directors are not eligible to apply to the Alliance for Wisconsin Youth.

•The coalition meets regularly.

•The coalition defines its service area (e.g., neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas; a city, town, or village; part or all of a county; or multi-county).

The spirit of coalitions is people working together, representing various agencies or sectors of the community, to achieve a common goal.

Much of the work of substance abuse prevention could not be accomplished without partnerships and coalitions, which join resources together to accomplish more than could be done by any one agency or individual.

This is the essence of the Alliance – communities collaborating, and adults and youth working together, to support and nurture healthy, thriving youth, living in healthy communities.

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Local Alliances/State Partners

In addition to Local Alliances, the Alliance for Wisconsin Youth also has State Partners (not members). We invite organizations to become a State Partner.
For the more information regarding State Partners, please email: Raina Haralampopoulos (