The Alliance for Wisconsin Youth (AWY) brings together coalitions, individuals and resources for a common goal that affects young people through the promotion of positive youth development. This goal of preventing substance abuse and behavioral health concerns is supported by over 100 AWY coalition’s members with the mission and focus to enhance and support those Alliance coalitions in their prevention efforts and youth development work.

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*** New Statewide Underage Drinking Prevention Campaign UPDATES ***

Order Small Talks Materials

Promote Small Talks, Wisconsin’s new underage drinking prevention campaign, in your community. For a limited time, you can order Small Talks campaign materials sent directly to your organization at no cost to you.

Here’s what’s available for order and included in the digital version of the Small Talks partners toolkit included with your order.

  • Fact sheets (2 different documents)
  • Posters (7 designs)
  • Window cling (1 design)
  • Yard/law signs (3 designs)

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Here’s what’s available only in the digital version of the Small Talks partners toolkit included with your order of any of the items listed above.

  • Billboard designs
  • Online display/digital banner ads
  • Social media posts and creative (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Website buttons
  • :30 produced radio spots
  • :10/:15 live read scripts for radio

Visit the Small Talks: Partners Resources webpage for more materials (sample press release, sample proclamation, newsletter articles, and more) that you can use to promote this campaign in your community. Thank you for your partnership. Contact the DHS Small Talks Team with questions or concerns.

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*** 2020 Substance Use Prevention Training Sessions and Conferences List ***

Staff at DHS have compiled a list of relevant substance use prevention trainings and conferences for 2020. This list will be updated periodically. If you have questions or would like to suggest a training or conference to be added to the list, please contact: Raina Haralampopoulos.

*** The Burden of Binge Drinking in Wisconsin Report ***

A new study from the University of Wisconsin – Madison Population Health Institute examines the cost of binge drinking in Wisconsin. Included in the report are individual county reports that provide county-level estimates, as well. To learn more or download the report, visit: go.wisc.edu/burdenofbingedrinking

Fast Fact Sheets and Reports:

Adult Binge Drinking in Wisconsin

Alcohol and Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

Binge Drinking Among College Students and Young Adults

Methamphetamine in Wisconsin

Misuse and Abuse of Opioids in Wisconsin

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) in Wisconsin

Operating While Intoxicated in Wisconsin

Opioid Overdose Prevention in Wisconsin

Substance Use Among ATV/UTV Users and Boaters

Substance Use Among Older Adults

Substance Use and Other Mental Health Disorders Among Veterans

Substance Use in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations

Substance Use in the Transgender Population

Suicide, Mental Health, and Substance Use

Trauma and Substance Use in Wisconsin

Underage Drinking in Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis (STR) Prevention Report

WISCONSIN ALCOHOL POLICY PROJECT: The Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project has expanded and reorganized it website to provide users with comprehensive library of downloadable alcohol policy resources. Building from the alcohol policy information previously found on Health in Practice, this site provide all the issue materials prepared by the Alcohol Policy Project, media coverage of Wisconsin’s alcohol culture plus PowerPoint presentations (with scripts) to help community leaders describe and explain alcohol policy.

Don’t wait, visit our new website and tell your colleagues about this great resource.  http://law.wisc.edu/wapp/

Wisconsin residents are taking action to improve our alcohol environment, our expanded website is your tool box for change.

Wisconsin Underage Drinking Prevention Video

This video was developed under contract number HHSS2832007000071/HHSS28342002T, Underage Drinking Prevention Education Initiatives, with the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  The content of this video does not necessarily reflect the views and policies of SAMHSA or HHS.