Member Services

Eligibility and Qualifications 

Coalitions and or task forces that are committed to using the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and working on substance use prevention are eligible to apply to become coalition members of the Alliance for Wisconsin Youth (AWY). Any group that is interested in learning more about the AWY, the SPF, substance use prevention, and coalition work can contact the AWY Regional Prevention Centers and request technical assistance and training.

Assistance is provided to local coalitions that are not yet a registered Alliance member but are in the process of coalition development to become a member. 

The AWY brings together coalitions, individuals and resources for a common goal that affects young people through the promotion of positive youth development. This goal of preventing substance abuse and behavioral health concerns is supported by over 100 AWY coalition’s members with the mission and focus to enhance and support those Alliance coalitions in their prevention efforts and youth development work.


Wisconsin youth are healthy, thriving & engaged citizens.


Alliance for Wisconsin Youth (AWY) members represents local, state and tribal agencies, public and private sectors, religious and fraternal community organizations, educational (preschool to collegiate) and youth- based organizations focused on the promotion of strategies leading to the reduction of all substance abuse. The statewide mission of AWY is to support the activities of members in building and enhancing their capacity to strive for excellence in efforts to reduce and prevent substance abuse and to encourage positive youth development throughout our communities. Alliance provides services via telephone, email or in-person through meetings, visits or training workshops.


Benefits of Alliance Membership

The Alliance for Wisconsin Youth serves local Alliances in a variety of areas, for example:

  • Building and sustaining local coalitions
  • Strategic Prevention Framework (assessment, capacity-building, planning, implementation, evaluation, cultural competence, and sustainability)
  • Evidence-based prevention programs, policies, and practices
  • Building adult/youth partnerships
  • Youth leadership and engagement
  • Program development
  • Developmental assets, resiliency, risk, and protective factors
  • Connecting to other local prevention efforts
  • Information on funding sources
  • Opportunities to attend learning, sharing, and networking events and to apply for scholarships to prevention conferences
  • Access to national, state, and regional information


To implement its mission, the Alliance for Wisconsin Youth (AWY) State Office initiated the development of Regional Prevention Centers in July 2007. These Regional Prevention Centers provide an organizational structure to assist local AWY Coalitions to accomplish mutual prevention priorities and projects.

The AWY Regional Prevention Centers work closely with the State Alliance for Wisconsin Youth and the Wisconsin Bureau of Prevention Treatment and Recovery in establishing and implementing services that focus on substance abuse prevention priorities, and helps to build capacity at the local level to deliver effective preventative interventions.

Alliance-sponsored Programs

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