Q and A

If you have a question about the evaluation and or reporting of the PFS 15 grant please send it to Sarah Linnan and Christy Niemuth. We will then answer it and post it here to share with other grantees.

Awareness Raising


Question: Do you want reporting on efforts paid for by a different source?  For example, we have a  grant that is paying for Dose of Reality radio ads.  Do you want this information?  We did not budget for any awareness raising efforts during this fiscal year because we already had funding support for our awareness raising efforts.

Answer: No, we do not want a coalition to report on efforts paid for by a different source.

Question: Do you want reporting on efforts donated?  For example, the local television station is airing Dose of Reality ads without charging us any money.  Do you want this information?

Answer: Yes, we do want a coalition to report on efforts donated. If the local TV station is airing Dose of Reality ads without charging the coalition and as a part of PFS, we do want this reported. This would be reported as a PSA.


Question: The ‘which activities to report’ column asks for ‘any websites or social media sites’.  Does this include already established websites and/or social media sites?  Does this extend beyond our organization?  For example, if the Health Department posts, upon our request, a Dose of Reality Facebook updates, do you want this information?  Additionally, our county PFS grant award involves different community coalitions.  Do you want reports from each of their social media and websites?

Answer: Yes, this would include website and social media sites that are already established. This does not need to extend beyond your organization(s). You should include the websites or social media for the community coalitions working on PFS activities.


Question: Do you want reporting on efforts paid for by a different source or donated?  For example, the Rock County Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Task Force is planning to host several events throughout the year focused on opioid misuse.  We had a Hope Over Heroin in Rock Count event in October with multiple community agencies (prevention, treatment, and recovery) providing information, as well as several guest speakers from the medical community, law enforcement and recovery.  Do you want this information recorded?

Answer: Only report presentation or special events if they are in-part (or fully) funded by PFS. Funded by PFS could mean staff time, materials, or money. If it is put on completely separate from PFS, do not report it.

Question: Another example, the task force has several committees. The committees have had different presenters come and do some capacity building activities with the members (a physician spoke about neonatal abstinence syndrome, a prevention specialist presented on overdose prevention and response). Do these count?

Answer: These activities would only count and by reported if they are funded in any way by PFS (again, this could include staff being paid by PFS to organize, coordinate, etc.)

Question: Several of the coalitions are holding ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ events. This is a mock teen bedroom set up where drug and alcohol paraphernalia items are ‘hidden in plain sight’. While prescription drugs are not the only topic, they are a topic covered in the presentation. These event are not paid for by this grant, but are being run by grant partners/coalitions. Do these count?

Answer: If they are not paid for by the grant, do not include them in your report.


Question: Do you want reporting on efforts paid for by a different source or donated? For example, we have been and will continue to dispense ‘Take it to the box’ fliers promoting medication safety and the drop box locations throughout the county. We also have many different educational materials purchased earlier in the year that we make available at community events.

Answer: If materials were previously printed and paid for, do not include them in the PFS reporting.


Question: Do you want efforts not paid for by the PFS grant to be reported?  We have several take back events that occur throughout the county which are being run separate from this grant (they existed before this funding and exist without this funding).  Do you want that information recorded?  We have 3 different coalitions distributing medication lock boxes not purchased through this grant.  Do you want that information recorded?  Do you want data from medication drop boxes recorded?  The boxes have been in place for a while and are not provided for by funding from this grant.

Answer: We do not want you to include the distribution of lock boxes that are not purchased through the PFS grant. We DO want you to report all collection activities, even if they are not paid for by the grant. Report any drop box installations, drop box collections, or take-back events, even if they are not part of the PFS grant.