Outcomes and Objectives


  • Encourage and empower communities to organize local alliances.
  • Establish and facilitate a statewide network of local alliances to share: 1) information about evidence-based and emerging programs, practices and policies, and; 2) the resources to develop and implement these strategies.
  • Link local alliances to information about state and national prevention and youth development resources and the national network of community coalitions.
  • Increase State agency cooperation, coordination and collaboration in assisting local prevention and youth development activities.
  • Increase the visibility and effectiveness of existing State prevention and youth development resources to help communities organize against substance abuse and promote resources for youth.


The Alliance for Wisconsin Youth is an intermediary organization designed to help local Alliances learn, organize, network with others, and gain access to useful human, material and financial resources. In this work, AWY does not provide direct services to youth and as such does not produce or measure youth outcomes or National Outcome Measures (NOMs). However, AWY is committed to educating local Alliances about the importance and necessity of tracking and reporting NOMs when local Alliances receive State funds directly.